Sammenhengende tjenester

EU vurderer å realisere sammenhengende tjenester med "EU Digital Wallet".  Målet er sømløse tjenester på tvers av alle sektorer og land.

Symfoni bidrar til å realisere dette.

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The NORWEGIAN BUSINESS REGISTRY enters into an innovation contract with Symfoni

Together with public and private actors, the business registry explores how blockchains can increase value and trust in the public sector.

Lars Peder Brekk
Director at
Brønnøysund Register Centre

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Why Symfoni

Today, it is easier to get a consumer loan than to exercise the rights we have. We are the best in the world at the offer the public sector has to the population. We call it the Norwegian model. With this offer, together with everything the state and municipality know about you and your family, there is every reason why public services should be as simple as what you are used to from, for example, Google and Facebook.

With today's application power, families often miss out on their rights. Many have even lost parental leave so that they have been robbed of their first important year with their child.

At the same time, we must achieve more with less. The aging wave is coming and we want to take care of the welfare benefits. Part of the answer to this challenge is digitization.

With Symfoni, we want to contribute with a cornerstone in the realization of the Digitization Strategy and the construction of seamless services

If you want to learn how Symfoni can give your business profit savings, we are available at any time to meet and understand their challenges.

Jon Ramvi
CEO and Founder of Symfoni


Innovation Norway
Ethereum Foundation
The Research Council of Norway


Microsoft Global Social Entrepreneurship Program

The Norwegian Business Registry

The Brønnøysund Register Center is building a solution for shareholder books with Symfoni.

"Blockchains can solve many tasks in a more efficient, more transparent and more secure way than conventional databases"

Brønnøysundregistrene og Symfoni (NO) ⇒

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